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 "Genius is the Gold in the mine, Talent is the miner who work to bring it out"
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Online Forum to Address interaction of the Mining Community

This online forum looks at involving various disciplines of the mining sector and bringing out active participation and interaction towards fulfilling the needs of the industry.

Reserves spread over 1.100 sq. kms in  Ningzheng mining region  with a potential to develop 7.1 billion ton coal mining gets the nod  to mine an annual production at 20 MMT. This  could be the biggest energy base of the future in North West China
Coeur d'Alene Mines with the discovery of gold bearing vein during its on going  exploration in the  district near Juneau, Alaska  plans production of 120,000oz per annum at its Kensington mine


The importance of uranium enrichment

Conrolling drilling and blasting


Second largest copper producer in 2009
Peru replaced US in 2009 as the second largest copper producer. Chile continues to hold its position.
Alternate energy

The perception that the hydrogen is the miracle fuel of the future has another side to consider and why the renewable sourcing is necessary.



Trolley trucks on steep mining slopes
The technology from Siemens to use grid electricity instead of from diesel engines bring home the advantages of speed, control, environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness to giant trucks and equipment. The advantages of ease of braking and speed regulation compared to gearbox and complex braking systems as in internal combustion engines make these trucks attain speeds that call for a reduction review of the number of units deployed..



New LifePO4 batteries made from non-toxic materials for battery operated vehicles
Developed by Université de Montréal researchers, LifePO4 is a material used in advanced lithium-ion batteries said to be more stable, safe and requiring shorter recharging time.  The black LifePO4 powder is available in tightly sealed containers in powder form. With advantages of using non-toxic material for manufacture and being cost effective, this could auger well for the personal as well as commercial transportation in the future.

More  Review  Safety of lithium batteries  LifePO4 batteries

Platinum Jewellry

Platinum jewelry makes inroads in India
India is currently the biggest market for gold. The volatility of gold and narrowing of platinum price is now making inroads in the jewelry market with focus turning to  platinum wedding and engagement rings in spite of uncertain resale value and an investment option yet to catch on.
Jewelry Roundup December 2008      platinum jewelry in China

PGM      PGM jewelry     Commodity


Responsible Mining, Tackling legacy

Moshannon Creek in Clearfield County
The operations carried out extensively through surface mining were stopped in 2000 due to financial constraints leaving residual reserves as well as a legacy in environment. The initiative now taken up to reclaim the residual reserves and at the same time attending to the environmental clean up is a sign of times and attempts to address social responsibilities. The project is planning to neutralize the acid mine drainage by adding alkaline material and aim at a permanent elimination of safety hazards.
also: issues on abandoned mines and health

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